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Dorine D’Angelo, LCSW is a psychotherapist specializing in empowerment therapy and addictive disorders. She earned her Masters of Social Work (“MSW”) degree from Adelphi University.  Her academic record is also supplemented by the extensive education associated with internships in working with individuals, groups, parents, and children, in temporary housing and assisted in a national research program of the Bright Horizons Family Solutions. She also studied in Albany with a NY Legislator to further her education on a macro level. 

Ms. D’Angelo previously was Chair of NASW, LISSN, Long Island Suffolk Support Network and member of Veterans Committee. Her years of experience provide unique knowledge and insight into families and the intricacies of some of their situations and requirements. Her unwavering level of integrity and high standard in character assures both the client and the community the utmost of quality service.

Ms. D’Angelo’s insatiable curiosity and eagerness to learn new skills is an on-going process that will compliment her ability to be of best service to herself and others.

Autism Spectrum Disorder at Adelphi

· problem solving

· executive functioning 

· organizational skills

Additional Experience

· diagnoses including Autism Spectrum Disorder 

· Human Rights

· assist people experiencing temporary housing challenges

· Civil Rights

· legal rights in parental guardianship

Work Shops

· empowerment groups, 

· addictive disorders, 

· dissociative identity disorder, 

· relationship therapy, 

· veterans and PTSD, and trauma systems therapy.

Dorine D'Angelo, LCSW: Team Members
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